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About Us


We started Stone Import Solutions with a clear vision to provide an exemplary product, at a fair price, with the excellent customer service to bring it all together perfectly. Our high standards for excellence are only surpassed by our innate ability to execute our goals with absolute precision. We want each and every customer to feel comfortable with us and their experience with our products. Whether it’s an order or installation, we deliver the absolute best service you can receive.        


It’s not just about getting customers. It’s about building relationships.


We are one of the top European stone importers in the area, and this is exactly why we need to keep our standards for excellence where they are and not even one inch lower. We hire only the most qualified and motivated professionals in the field, making your order quick and easy, and providing you with the proper education of your product and our process along the way. This helps you become more aware of the stones you are receiving, and ultimately, very happy with your purchase. 


The craftsmanship speaks for itself. With decades of experience under our belts, we are confident in bringing you the highest quality product and service imaginable. We’ve been supplying hundreds of luxury homes in the area with the most exquisite stones on the planet. We realize that you have a dream to make your home as magnificent as ever –let us turn that dream into a very tangible reality.


High end homes and luxurious properties are simply what we were born to do. Our passion for this business and for helping others is the driving force behind Stone Import Solutions. We don’t beat around the bush, we don’t hide fees, and we don’t give you double standards. We only give the best possible service, no matter how big or small the job is. Your time is what’s important, not ours.    


What we have to offer:


-We offer a unique collection of beautiful stones in a wide array of colors. This prevents you from being cliché and unoriginal and opens many doors for you creatively.   


-We bring you a variety of luxury stones from overseas, inspecting and approve each and every one of them before they reach you. From the mountains to your feet, we ensure the best possible product you can buy.   


-Since we offer the best quality stones in the world, we strive hard to keep costs down and more money in your pocket. We aren’t focused on making the most that we can; we just want to give others the opportunity to enjoy our product at a price they can be happy with. Your satisfaction and experience comes first.  


We at Stone Import Solutions would like to thank you for taking the time to check out our website, and encourage you to browse our list of exotic stones and services. Please call us if you have any questions or to receive a free quote about your next order or installation.  


Stone Import Solutions is your company for exquisite and rare stones from around the world. We are one of the top manufacturers and direct importers of European natural stones in the area, offering a wide variety of beautiful product for your interior or exterior project. Employing top-quality staff, Stone Import Solutions ensures a professional experience, while maintaining high standards for customer service.


Why Us?

We have been working on high end projects with some of the best builders, designers and architects in the business, creating breathtaking works of art that leave a stunning impact on the community. Stone Import Solutions will guarantee a magnificent service with reputable customer satisfaction. There is no question to our ability to produce a natural looking and elegant stone, which speaks volumes to the fact that we work with some of the best in the business. Our custom builders, designers and architects work hard to deliver a finished product that our customers can be truly proud of.


Our Clientele


- Custom Builders

The custom builders we work with really know stones and know how to create a majestic looking piece of art with the rare and beautiful stones we import from overseas.


- Designers

It should be no surprise that our designers are some of the best in their field. Working with clients to create elegant and luxurious designs for homes and properties; our designers truly know what it takes to set the bar for high quality, aesthetically pleasing works of pure art.  


- Architects

Like our designers, the architects we work with are among the highest qualified in the business. We know beautiful stones and our architects have the vision to turn our imported stones into alluring and exquisite works of art.


- Contractors

We always work with professional contractors who work tirelessly to get the job done right.


- Stone Distributors 

We have a wholesale program for stone distributors, which makes it easier to get our product out on the market and into the hands of valued customers everywhere.  


- Wholesalers

Our container programs for wholesalers make it easy to get your customers into your store and into a business relationship with you. Our stones speak for themselves, which is why our wholesale container programs are perfect for wholesalers looking to provide excellent quality to their customers.  

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