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Dry Treat STAIN-PROOF Daily Floor Cleaner Quart

Dry Treat STAIN-PROOF Daily Floor Cleaner Quart

SKU: DT-141812

STAIN-PROOF® Daily Floor Cleaner is a powerful, natural active enzyme cleaner concentrate for both heavy duty and light duty (regular) cleaning of all natural stones, tile, grout, brick and other hard surfaces. Daily Floor Cleaner contains 3 different enzymes for removing general grime and stains caused by grease / oils, mold, food and beverages.


Stain-Proof Daily Floor Cleaner is a powerful concentrated floor cleaner that will help restore your space to its original condition. It contains 3 natural active enzymes that help break down grime and stains caused by grease, oil, mold, food, and beverages. Stain-Proof Daily Floor Cleaner removes messes to leave your kitchen sparkling clean. It can be used on a variety of flooring, including all-natural stone, tile, grout, and wood. It even works on acid-sensitive, calcite-based stones like marble and limestone. You can use it on porcelain, ceramic, and clay tile as well as vinyl and unfinished wood. Use Stain-Proof Daily Floor Cleaner as either a kitchen or bathroom cleaner. It works especially great as a bathtub or shower cleaner. Stain-Proof Daily Floor Cleaner is hyper-biodegradable, decomposing quickly into oxygen and natural minerals, making it better for the environment and you. While it is a heavy-duty cleaner, it is gentle enough to be used every day. It is also super concentrated: you only need 3 or 4 capfuls in a bucket of water for regular mopping. To use, first prepare a solution of Stain-Proof Daily Floor Cleaner with a bucket of clean, warm water. Pour 4 or 6 capfuls into 2 gallons. Stir briefly. Then mop the surface, rinsing the mop frequently. In light concentrations, the cleaner should not leave residue. If used in heavier concentrations, light mopping with clean water may be required afterward. Stain-Proof Daily Floor Cleaner can be used for commercial purposes. Add it to your janitorial, custodial, or restaurant supplies. Order Stain-Proof Daily Floor Cleaner for all your mopping needs.